Fafi for Mac collectie USA release 13 februari 2008

Fafi for Mac collectie

USA release 13 febuari 2008

  • Fun ''n Sexy (G) – Blue pink with blue pearl (LE)
  • Not so Innocent (G) – Sheer tan with pink and peach pearl (LE)
  • Utterly Frivolous (L) – Rosy coral with pink pearl (LE)
  • High Top (G) – Grey purple with blue pearl (LE)
  • Flash–n–Dash (G) – Intense tangerine red with pink pearl (LE)
  • Strawbaby (L) – Coral rose with rainbow pearl (LE)
  • Sugar Trance (F) – Creamy soft pink with white and rainbow pearl (LE)
  • Squeeze It (F) – Brassy plum (LE)
  • Totally It (F) – Sheer bright pink with intense pink pearl (LE)
  • Cult Face (F)–Blue midtone pink with white pearl (LE)
Eyeshadow Quad
  • Fafi Eyes 1: Vanilla (V) – Soft pale–peachy–ivory flecked with shimmer (Repromote) Pink Venus (L) – Washed pink (Repromote) Howzat (S) – Deep grey with silver sparkle (LE) Hey (VP) – Neutral tan with pearl (LE)
  • Fafi Eyes 2: Shockwave (V) – Intense orange with silver sparkle (LE) You''re Fresh (L) – Pale green with silver sparkle (LE) Prankster (S) – Muted dark blue (LE) Bold as Gold (L) – Yellow gold with gold pearl (LE)
Paint Pots
  • Perky (S) – Cream coral with white pearl(LE)
  • Cash Flow (F) – Green gold with gold pearl (LE)
  • Nice Vice (F) – Dirty purple with purple pearl (LE)
  • Girl Friendly (C) - Creamy grey pink (LE)
  • Layin'' Low (C) – Creamy beige (LE)
  • Rollickin'' (F) – Aqua blue green with white pearl (LE)
  • Blacktrack (Repromote)
Eye Kohl
  • Smolder – Intense black (Repromote)
  • Fascinating – Snake–eyes matte white(Repromote)
  • Zoomlash in Zoomblack (Repromote)
  • Fashion Frenzy – Mid–tone blue pink (LE)
  • Hipness – Intense coral with soft white pearl (LE)
Iridescent Powder
  • Belightful – Gilded peach bronze (Repromote)
  • Sassed Up – Soft coral pink with gold sparkle (LE)
  • Verve–acaious – Intense yellow gold with gold pearl (LE)
Nail Lacquer
  • Girls Will Be Girls – Pink with coral pearl (LE)
  • Boom!–Rich eggplant with purple pearl (LE)
  • #210 Brush – Firm, extra–fine tip brush for precise lining with emollient or water–based products(LE)
  • #129 Brush (with decorated pouch) – Soft natural fluffed domed brush for application of powder products on cheeks and face. In a special decorated Fafi theme pouch. (Repromoted brush in LE pouch)
  • #208 Brush – Firm, angle–tip brush for precise application of brow and eye–lining products. (Repromote)
  • #182 Brush – Ultra–soft, large, rounded dome tip brush for use with powder face and cheek products. (Repromote)
Fafinette character dolls
  • Eriko Fafinette Doll
  • Monoka Fafinette Doll
  • Ermine Fafinette Doll
Fafinette character bags called ''Clearly Fafi'' – Clear with Fafinettes design
  • Mini
  • Small
  • Tote

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