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Vandaag verscheen er op een leuk artikel over de MAC Venomous Villains collectie, samen met een lang verwachte foto van de verpakkingen. Er was natuurlijk al een (illegale) foto verspreidt via internet, maar dit is de eerste officiële foto die naar buiten komt. Op de foto zie je de Villains die deel uitmaken van de collectie, Cruella De Vil, the Evil Queen, Maleficient en Dr. Facilier, de namen waren eigenlijk al bekend, maar hierbij de bevestiging! In het artikel van Womens Wear Daily staat een leuk interview met James Gager, senior vice president en creative director van MAC Cosmetics, lees snel verder.... De releasedatum van de collectie is ook bekend, op 30 september 2010 zal de collectie in de USA en Canada uitkomen, naar verwachting zal de collectie dan ook begin oktober in Nederland en België verkrijgbaar zijn, maar dat heb ik nog niet bevestigd gekregen. Hieronder het complete interview met James Gager, als er behoefte is aan een vertaling dan hoor ik het graag, maar ik wilde niet wachten met het plaatsen van dit artikel omdat het allemaal zo leuk is! Oh ja, in dit artikel vind je meer informatie over de producten die uitkomen, lees die zeker even als je interesse hebt.

This September, Disney’s scoundrels are getting their due — in the form of a new color cosmetics collection, Venomous Villains, from MAC Cosmetics. Four of Disney’s nastiest characters — Cruella De Vil of “101 Dalmations” fame, the Evil Queen from “Snow White,” Maleficient from “Sleeping Beauty” and Dr. Facilier from The Princess and the Frog — are getting their own color lineups come Sept. 30. “Come on — aren’t the nastier ones more fun?” laughed James Gager, senior vice president and creative director for MAC Cosmetics, who worked with Jennifer Balbier, vice president of product development for MAC, in collaboration with Disney to create the collection. “It’s great to be sweet and kind, of course, but everybody wants to take a bite of forbidden fruit from time to time.” And given MAC’s “all races, all ages, all sexes” positioning, Gager and Balbier were eager to include a guy — Dr. Facilier — in the mix. The bold hues in the lineup — 40 in all, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50 and divided into four collections emblazoned with the characters’ images — were inspired by Pantone reproductions of Disney’s original drawings. “Disney gave us the colors used when these characters were drawn throughout their history,” said Balbier, noting that Cruella and the Evil Queen share more “real woman” shades, such as red lips and peachy blush. Maleficent is “pure fantasy,” said Balbier, noting that offbeat purples, blackened shades and pearlized nails were used. Dr. Facilier headlines the new Magically Cool Liquid Powders. “This is a featherlight powder that goes on like a mist and either sets or enhances foundation, but also lends dimensionality on naked skin,” said Balbier. “In beauty, women look for fantasy and transformation,” said Johanna Mooney, beauty director for Disney Consumer Products. “When you go to a makeup counter, you want to express an attitude — what we’re finding is the Disney characters are great mediums to tell those stories. I think it’s a little unexpected when people see Disney playing in adult beauty, but as adults, we relate to the classic stories on new levels.” While none of the executives would discuss sales projections, industry sources estimated the limited edition lineup could generate retail sales of about $5 million. “These collaborations allow MAC to step into a different persona for a period of time, and to connect with a different audience,” said Guillaume Jesel, senior vice president of global marketing for MAC, noting that he believes they also create an emotional connection with current customers. “We challenge ourselves to be relevant to people in many fields — fashion, entertainment and pop culture, as well as professional makeup artists.” MAC doesn’t often drink from the same well, Jesel noted (“We do dates, not weddings,” he opines) but the Venomous Villains line marks the brand’s second color lineup with Disney. The first, 2006’s Tint Toons, offered lip colors focusing on the kinder, gentler Disney characters — such as Miss Bunny from Bambi. “It was the antithesis of this collection,” Jesel said. The products will be available in 1,500 MAC retail and partner department and specialty stores globally and online at As well, a significant online campaign designed to leverage MAC and Disney’s Facebook fans, among others, is planned.

Ik heb er alvast helemaal zin in, ik vind zelfs de verpakkingen leuk, dit is tenminste echt Disney en dit zal ook de meeste mensen toch het meeste aanspreken. Natuurlijk zijn de producten zelf ook leuk, maar hoogst waarschijnlijk zullen de meeste mensen de producten toch kopen voor hun verpakkingen, ik ben eigenlijk echt van plan om gewoon alles te kopen, is dat gek? *wink* Natuurlijk horen jullie het van mij als er meer informatie is! Bron

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