Mac A Rose Romance collectie release Mei 2009

Op 23 april 2009 wordt in de USA de Rose Romance collectie van Mac uitgebracht. Het is een hele romantische collectie die we eigenlijk niet echt van Mac kennen, tenminste niet in de laatste jaren! Maar romantiek is weer helemaal terug, in elk geval in de make-up wereld. Lees en kijk verder voor meer informatie over deze collectie....  

MAC Cosmetics | A Rose Romance

USA release datum : 23 april 2009NL release datum : mei 2009 (onder voorbehoud)
Suggesting Sonnets celebrated for centuries: “Come into my garden, I would like my roses to see you!” poet Sir Richard Brinsley Sheridan once said, and what lady could resist such flattery?
  • Way To Love - Creamy light yellow pink
  • A Rose Romance - Mid-tone pink with gold pearl
  • Odyssey - Spiked-up plum
  • Virgin Kiss - Sheer pale pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Magnetique - Frosted violet fuchsia
  • Steal My Heart - Sheer bright pink with multi-dimensional pearl
See Thru Lip Colour
  • Loving Touch - Sheer pearly light pink
  • Tender Tryst - Sheer pearly plum
  • Secret Crush - Sheer red berry
  • Mutiny - Clean sky blue with gold pearl (repromote van Naughty Nauticals)
  • Circa Plum - Frosty dirty mid-tone lavender (repromote van Colourforms pigments)
  • Of Summer - Frosted light dirty mauve
  • Et Tu, Bouquet? - Frosted pale pink gold
  • Creme de Violet - Vivid pinkish-violet flecked with gold shimmer
  • Silverthorn - Mid-tone gray with silver pearl
  • Shadowy Lady - Darkly veiled plum (permanente collectie)

  Just A Pinch Gel Blush Sheer gel cheek blush in a pot delivers a rosy glow of coverage for a healthy complexion. Dewy texture blends into a thin film on skin, giving low to medium transparent coverage.

  • Just A Pinch - Sheer red pink tint
Beauty Powder
  • Blush of Youth - Clean pink with gold pearl
  • Summer Rose - Soft violet pink with pearl
Nail Lacquer
  • Love & Friendship - Creamy dirty mid-tone lavender
Creations Hue: Dejarose (eau de toilette)

A striking bouquet of lush Bulgarian, Turkish, and Tea Red Roses is ruffled with dewy watery and luminous green nuances. Velvety petals of exotic orchid, lily, jasmine and peony are teased with a hint of crimson red raspberry and the gentle texture of pink pepper. The interplay of light and dark woods, weathered teak contrasting with patchouli, adds to the intensity, while hypnotic incense vapours and amber crystals lend a sense of intrigue and allure to this sensuous creation. Fix Rose An aqua-spritz of vitamins and minerals, infused with a Calm-the-Skin blend of green tea, Chamomile, Cucumber, topped off with the scent oF 100% natural rose water. Adds radiance, finishes makeup. En dan natuurlijk de foto''s:

Thanks to the lovely Temptalia for sharing this great information!!! Neem ook zeker een kijkje op haar geweldige site, het artikel over deze collectie vind je hier.

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