'Beautiful Twists' - Astrology lippenbalsems

Beautiful Twists heeft weer een nieuw en leuk artikel op de markt gebracht. Deze keer is het een variatie op de heerlijke lippenbalsems. Deze keer dragen de balsem het thema: Astrologie. Je kunt dus vanaf nu een lippenbalsem komen na aanleiding van het astroligische teken dat bij je hoort. De balsems zijn verzachtend en erg hydraterend. Verder zijn ze, zoals we gewend zijn van Elladean veganistisch en niet op dieren getest! Lees snel verder....

-Aries (RAM)

You''re the first sign of the zodiac, so naturally you make an amazing leader, who genuinely cares about others. You are an explorer in life & welcome challenges with open arms. Aries love helping others & putting all their concerns at ease. You''re simply amazing! Flavor: Caramel Topped with White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts (yes, it''s that good) -Taurus (STIER) You are grounded & solid. You never give up, you rage on. You are one of the best friends to have out of all the signs. You are easy going & down to earth, your significant others love that about you. Your genuine & charming ways are magnets. You are simple fun to be with! Flavor: Charming Grounded Vanilla Wafers


You have a dual nature & can see both sides of a situation making you a non-judgmental, very easy going person. You are clever, witty & attract many friends. You are vivacious & full of life. You love adventure, yet with your two sides also find pleasure in simple things. TWO Flavors for your Dual Nature: (Top Layer) Cupcakes (2nd Layer) Black Licorice -Cancer (KREEFT) You have unconditional love & caring, more so than any other sign. You are the nurturer of the zodiac & protect the ones you love. You are very intuitive & can sense things that others may try to hide, You are freedom loving & courageous & love life & others. Flavor: Freedom Loving Nurturing Mimosa (freshly squeezed orange juice & champagne) -Leo (LEEUW) Your sunny disposition & playfulness make you a joy to be around. You have a beautiful romantic side that sweeps your significant others off their feet. Your sign represents the lion & you are definitely the leader of the pack with your courageous ways & spontaneous ways. ROAR! Flavor: Romantic White Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Feisty Roses -Virgo (MAAGD) Your shyness is refreshing & beautiful. You can always be counted on because you are reliable, loyal & truthful. You go above & beyond to help others & your creative imagination is something you never lose from your childhood. You strive to be the best person you can be. Flavor: Beautiful Modest Peaches & Cream -Sagittarius (BOOGSCHUTTER) You''re the most adventurous of all the signs, so you welcome change with open arms. You are an explorer, who seeks wisdom. You live life to the fullest & radiate positive energy. You make a great friend & parent because you love helping others. Flavor: Wild Cherry, Adventurous Cinnamon mixed with Sweet Cola -Capricorn (STEENBOK)-You''re ambitious, faithful & calm. You strive for honesty & make a loyal friend, you have a beautiful confidence & wittiness. Capricorns are the people to hire for the job because of your desire to be at the top & you are a very reliable individual. Go Get Em Girl! Flavor: Hazelnut Coffee at the Business Meeting (roasted hazelnut coffee...mmmm) -Aquarius (WATERMAN) You''re creative, imaginative & intelligent. You love the company of others & people love being around you because of your kind spirit. You''re the humanitarian of the zodiac & love doing your own thing. Aquarians love being different & starting trends. Flavor: Fashionable Different Plum Loganberry Juice (plum & loganberries mixed make a yummy juice quenching scent) -Pisces (VISSEN) You''re very compassionate & believed to be more in tune with the spiritual world than any other zodiac sign. You''re a dreamer & easy going. You''re very sensitive & have the ability to read others well. Pisces are patient, artistic & very intuitive. You are a very good listener (so sweet). Flavor: Soothing Dreamy Mermaid Tea (an herbal tea scent with a hint of mint & green apples)


You are an incredible listener, who values fairness, balance & equality. Your openness to seeing both sides & your charming ways make you very easy to like. You are adored & admired more than any other sign because of your compassion & kindness towards others. So sweet! Flavor: Half Sour, Half Sweet (because you can see both sides) -Scorpio (SCHORPIOEN) You are fiercely independent & able to accomplish anything you put your mind to. You are the most passionate of all the signs & your mysteriousness, magnetically draws others in. You are a very loyal friend, who will be there thru thick & thin. Your desire for life makes you feel so alive! Flavor: Passionate Passion Fruit mixed with a Mysterious Fruit De ingredienten zijn: candelilla wax, sweet almond oil, olive oil, aloe vera oil, olive butter, safflower oil, vitamin e, fda color, essential oils, flavor oils & love! De lippenbalsems zijn voor $ 3.49 per stuk te verkrijgbaar bij Beautiful Twists. De verzendkosten naar Nederland zijn $ 1.85 per lippenbalsem. Als je er meer koopt dan word de prijs per balsem ook minder. Wat is julie sterrenbeeld? En kun je jezelf een beetje vinden in de smaken van de lippenbalsem en natuurlijk de omschrijving? Ik ben heel benieuwd! Bijdrage van Wenvers

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